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Eventi a tema che coinvolgono una flottiglia: The Yacht Week, Una barca per Tutti, Sail & Trek, Enogastronomic tours

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..greeted by the yearning cries of a seagull, the first light of day rises out of the eastern sea. Night retreats once again to give way to the winds of a new day. Voices carry far in the silence as sails rise, hands work together, steering the shimmering hull into the vast azure space of the Mediterranean. The boat picks up speed, she wants to fly. And spirits and hearts rise as they welcome golden Helios bouncing merrily on the spray...

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An experience for those who love nature and


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A 01/01/17 – 13/05/17 and 16/09/17 – 31/12/17
B 13/05/17 – 17/06/17 and 02/09/17 – 16/09/17
C 17/06/17 – 08/07/17
D 08/07/17 – 05/08/17 and 19/08/17 – 02/09/17
E 05/08/17 – 19/08/17


10% early booking discount until 31/01/17
5% discount on two week charters
5% discount for repeated clients